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Resolver.h File Reference
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struct  SWC::Comm::Network


 The SWC-DB C++ namespace 'SWC'.
 The SWC-DB Communications C++ namespace 'SWC::Comm'.
 The SWC-DB Serializations C++ namespace 'SWC::Serialization'.
 The SWC-DB Resolver C++ namespace 'SWC::Comm::Resolver'.


typedef asio::ip::tcp::endpoint SWC::Comm::EndPoint
typedef Core::Vector< EndPoint > SWC::Comm::EndPoints
typedef Core::Vector< Network > SWC::Comm::Networks
typedef Core::Vector< asio::ip::network_v4 > SWC::Comm::Networks_v4
typedef Core::Vector< asio::ip::network_v6 > SWC::Comm::Networks_v6


SWC_CAN_INLINE std::ostream & SWC::Comm::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const EndPoint &endpoint)
SWC_CAN_INLINE uint8_t SWC::Serialization::encoded_length (const Comm::EndPoint &endpoint) noexcept
void SWC::Serialization::encode (uint8_t **bufp, const Comm::EndPoint &endpoint)
Comm::EndPoint SWC::Serialization::decode (const uint8_t **bufp, size_t *remainp)
uint32_t SWC_PURE_FUNC SWC::Serialization::encoded_length (const Comm::EndPoints &endpoints) noexcept
void SWC::Serialization::encode (uint8_t **bufp, const Comm::EndPoints &endpoints)
void SWC::Serialization::decode (const uint8_t **bufp, size_t *remainp, Comm::EndPoints &endpoints)
SWC_CAN_INLINE Comm::EndPoints SWC::Serialization::decode_endpoints (const uint8_t **bufp, size_t *remainp)
void SWC::Comm::print (std::ostream &out, const EndPoints &endpoints)
bool SWC_PURE_FUNC SWC::Comm::has_endpoint (const EndPoint &e1, const EndPoints &endpoints_in) noexcept
bool SWC_PURE_FUNC SWC::Comm::has_endpoint (const EndPoints &endpoints, const EndPoints &endpoints_in) noexcept
bool SWC_PURE_FUNC SWC::Comm::equal_endpoints (const EndPoints &endpoints1, const EndPoints &endpoints2) noexcept
size_t SWC::Comm::endpoints_hash (const EndPoints &endpoints)
size_t SWC_PURE_FUNC SWC::Comm::endpoint_hash (const EndPoint &endpoint) noexcept
bool SWC::Comm::Resolver::is_ipv4_address (const std::string &str) noexcept
bool SWC::Comm::Resolver::is_ipv6_address (const std::string &str) noexcept
EndPoints SWC::Comm::Resolver::get_endpoints (uint16_t defaul_port, const Config::Strings &addrs, const std::string &host, const Networks &nets, bool srv=false)
void SWC::Comm::Resolver::sort (const Networks &nets, const EndPoints &endpoints, EndPoints &sorted)
void SWC::Comm::Resolver::get_networks (const Config::Strings &networks, Networks &nets, asio::error_code &ec)
void SWC::Comm::Resolver::get_networks (const Config::Strings &networks, Networks_v4 &nets_v4, Networks_v6 &nets_v6, asio::error_code &ec)
void SWC::Comm::Resolver::get_local_networks (int &err, Networks_v4 &nets_v4, Networks_v6 &nets_v6)
bool SWC::Comm::Resolver::is_network (const EndPoint &endpoint, const Networks_v4 &nets_v4, const Networks_v6 &nets_v6) noexcept
bool SWC::Comm::Resolver::is_network (const EndPoint &endpoint, const asio::ip::network_v4 &net) noexcept
bool SWC::Comm::Resolver::is_network (const EndPoint &endpoint, const asio::ip::network_v6 &net) noexcept