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SWC::Comm::client Namespace Reference

The SWC-DB client C++ namespace 'SWC::Comm::client'. More...


class  ConnQueue
class  ConnQueueReqBase
class  ConnQueues
class  Host
class  Serialized


typedef std::shared_ptr< ConnQueueConnQueuePtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< ConnQueuesConnQueuesPtr

Detailed Description

The SWC-DB client C++ namespace 'SWC::Comm::client'.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ConnQueuePtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<ConnQueue> SWC::Comm::client::ConnQueuePtr

Definition at line 20 of file ClientConnQueue.h.

◆ ConnQueuesPtr

typedef std::shared_ptr<ConnQueues> SWC::Comm::client::ConnQueuesPtr

Definition at line 15 of file ClientConnQueues.h.