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SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp Class Referencefinal

#include <swcdb/db/Protocol/Rgr/params/RangeQuerySelect.h>

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Public Member Functions

SWC_CAN_INLINE RangeQuerySelectRsp (int a_err=Error::OK, bool a_reached_limit=false, uint64_t a_offset=0) noexcept
SWC_CAN_INLINE RangeQuerySelectRsp (int a_err, StaticBuffer &a_data) noexcept
 RangeQuerySelectRsp (int err, const uint8_t *ptr, size_t remain, StaticBuffer &data) noexcept
SWC_CAN_INLINE ~RangeQuerySelectRsp () noexcept
void print (std::ostream &out) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SWC::Comm::Serializable
size_t encoded_length () const
void encode (uint8_t **bufp) const
void decode (const uint8_t **bufp, size_t *remainp)

Public Attributes

int32_t err
bool reached_limit
uint64_t offset
StaticBuffer data

Private Member Functions

size_t SWC_PURE_FUNC internal_encoded_length () const override
void internal_encode (uint8_t **bufp) const override
void internal_decode (const uint8_t **bufp, size_t *remainp) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SWC::Comm::Serializable
virtual ~Serializable () noexcept

Detailed Description

Definition at line 81 of file RangeQuerySelect.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RangeQuerySelectRsp() [1/3]

SWC_CAN_INLINE SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::RangeQuerySelectRsp ( int  a_err = Error::OK,
bool  a_reached_limit = false,
uint64_t  a_offset = 0 

Definition at line 85 of file RangeQuerySelect.h.

◆ RangeQuerySelectRsp() [2/3]

SWC_CAN_INLINE SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::RangeQuerySelectRsp ( int  a_err,
StaticBuffer a_data 

Definition at line 92 of file RangeQuerySelect.h.

◆ RangeQuerySelectRsp() [3/3]

SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::RangeQuerySelectRsp ( int  err,
const uint8_t *  ptr,
size_t  remain,
StaticBuffer data 

Definition at line 66 of file RangeQuerySelect.cc.

References SWC::Error::Exception::code(), decode(), SWC::LOG_ERROR, SWC_CURRENT_EXCEPTION, SWC_LOG_OSTREAM, and SWC_LOG_OUT.

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◆ ~RangeQuerySelectRsp()

SWC_CAN_INLINE SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::~RangeQuerySelectRsp ( )

Definition at line 101 of file RangeQuerySelect.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ internal_decode()

void SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::internal_decode ( const uint8_t **  bufp,
size_t *  remainp 

Implements SWC::Comm::Serializable.

Definition at line 99 of file RangeQuerySelect.cc.

References SWC::Serialization::decode_bool(), SWC::Serialization::decode_vi32(), SWC::Serialization::decode_vi64(), err, offset, and reached_limit.

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◆ internal_encode()

void SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::internal_encode ( uint8_t **  bufp) const

Implements SWC::Comm::Serializable.

Definition at line 93 of file RangeQuerySelect.cc.

References SWC::Serialization::encode_bool(), SWC::Serialization::encode_vi32(), SWC::Serialization::encode_vi64(), err, offset, and reached_limit.

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◆ internal_encoded_length()

size_t SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::internal_encoded_length ( ) const

Implements SWC::Comm::Serializable.

Definition at line 87 of file RangeQuerySelect.cc.

References SWC::Serialization::encoded_length_vi32(), SWC::Serialization::encoded_length_vi64(), err, and offset.

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◆ print()

void SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::print ( std::ostream &  out) const

Definition at line 79 of file RangeQuerySelect.cc.

References data, err, offset, SWC::Error::print(), reached_limit, and SWC::Core::Buffer< T >::size.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ data

StaticBuffer SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::data

Definition at line 108 of file RangeQuerySelect.h.

Referenced by print(), and SWC::client::Query::Select::Scanner::rgr_selected().

◆ err

int32_t SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::err

◆ offset

uint64_t SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::offset

◆ reached_limit

bool SWC::Comm::Protocol::Rgr::Params::RangeQuerySelectRsp::reached_limit

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