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SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting Class Reference

#include <swcdb/common/sys/MetricsReporting.h>

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struct  System

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< ReportingPtr
- Public Types inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Metric::Reporting
typedef std::shared_ptr< ReportingPtr
- Public Types inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::BaseSingleColumn
typedef std::shared_ptr< BaseSingleColumnPtr
- Public Types inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Base
typedef std::shared_ptr< BasePtr
typedef Core::Vector< Column * > Colms

Public Member Functions

 Reporting (const SWC::client::Clients::Ptr &a_clients, const Comm::IoContextPtr &a_io, Config::Property::Value_int32_g::Ptr a_cfg_intval, client::Clients::Flag a_executor=client::Clients::DEFAULT)
virtual Levelconfigure (const char *group_name, const char *inst_name, const char *host, const Comm::EndPoints &endpoints)
 Reporting (const Reporting &)=delete
 Reporting (Reporting &&)=delete
Reportingoperator= (const Reporting &)=delete
Reportingoperator= (Reporting &&)=delete
virtual ~Reporting () noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Metric::Reporting
 Reporting (const Clients::Ptr &a_clients, const Comm::IoContextPtr &a_io, Config::Property::Value_int32_g::Ptr a_cfg_intval, Clients::Flag a_executor=client::Clients::DEFAULT)
 Reporting (const Reporting &)=delete
Reportingoperator= (const Reporting &)=delete
virtual void start ()
virtual void stop ()
virtual void wait ()
Levelget_level (const char *name)
virtual uint64_t apply_time (uint32_t intval, DB::Cell::KeyVec &key)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::BaseSingleColumn
SWC_CAN_INLINE BaseSingleColumn (const Clients::Ptr &a_clients, const cid_t cid, DB::Types::KeySeq seq, uint32_t versions, uint32_t ttl_secs, DB::Types::Column type, Clients::Flag a_executor=Clients::DEFAULT)
SWC_CAN_INLINE BaseSingleColumn (const Clients::Ptr &a_clients, const cid_t cid, DB::Types::KeySeq seq, uint32_t versions, uint32_t ttl_secs, DB::Types::Column type, const StaticBuffer &buffer)
virtual ~BaseSingleColumn () noexcept
virtual bool requires_commit () noexcept override
virtual bool empty () noexcept override
virtual size_t size_bytes () noexcept override
virtual void next (Base::Colms &cols) noexcept override
virtual Base::Columnnext (cid_t cid) noexcept override
virtual void error (cid_t cid, int err) noexcept override
SWC_CAN_INLINE size_t size () noexcept
- Public Member Functions inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Base
SWC_CAN_INLINE Base (const Clients::Ptr &a_clients, Clients::Flag a_executor=Clients::Flag::DEFAULT) noexcept
 Base (Base &&)=delete
 Base (const Base &)=delete
Baseoperator= (const Base &)=delete
Baseoperator= (Base &&)=delete
virtual int error () noexcept
virtual void error (int err) noexcept
SWC_CAN_INLINE void add_resend_count (size_t count) noexcept
SWC_CAN_INLINE size_t get_resend_count (bool reset=true) noexcept
void commit ()
SWC_CAN_INLINE void commit (const cid_t cid)
void commit (Column *colp)

Public Attributes

SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::System system
- Public Attributes inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Metric::Reporting
const Comm::IoContextPtr io
Config::Property::Value_int32_g::Ptr cfg_intval
Core::Vector< Metric::Base::Ptrmetrics
Core::AtomicBool running
- Public Attributes inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::BaseSingleColumn
ColumnMutable column
- Public Attributes inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Base
Clients::Ptr clients
Profiling profile
Core::Atomic< int > state_error
Core::CompletionCounter< uint64_t > completion
Core::Atomic< uint32_t > timeout
Core::Atomic< uint32_t > timeout_ratio
Core::Atomic< uint32_t > buff_sz
Core::Atomic< uint8_t > buff_ahead
const Clients::Flag executor

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Metric::Reporting
virtual bool valid () noexcept override
virtual void response (int err=Error::OK) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Base
virtual void _execute (Column *colp)
virtual ~Base () noexcept
- Protected Attributes inherited from SWC::client::Query::Update::Handlers::Metric::Reporting
Core::MutexSptd m_mutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 851 of file MetricsReporting.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Ptr

Definition at line 854 of file MetricsReporting.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Reporting() [1/3]

SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::Reporting ( const SWC::client::Clients::Ptr a_clients,
const Comm::IoContextPtr a_io,
Config::Property::Value_int32_g::Ptr  a_cfg_intval,
client::Clients::Flag  a_executor = client::Clients::DEFAULT 

Definition at line 856 of file MetricsReporting.h.

◆ Reporting() [2/3]

SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::Reporting ( const Reporting )

◆ Reporting() [3/3]

SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::Reporting ( Reporting &&  )

◆ ~Reporting()

virtual SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::~Reporting ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ configure()

virtual Level* SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::configure ( const char *  group_name,
const char *  inst_name,
const char *  host,
const Comm::EndPoints endpoints 

Definition at line 865 of file MetricsReporting.h.

References SWC::Core::Vector< T, SizeT, GROW_SZ >::empty(), SWC::Core::Vector< T, SizeT, GROW_SZ >::front(), SWC_ASSERT, and SWC::Core::to_string().

Referenced by SWC::Broker::Metric::Reporting::configure_bkr(), SWC::FsBroker::Metric::Reporting::configure_fsbroker(), SWC::Manager::Metric::Reporting::configure_mngr(), SWC::Ranger::Metric::Reporting::configure_rgr(), and SWC::ThriftBroker::Metric::Reporting::configure_thriftbroker().

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◆ operator=() [1/2]

Reporting& SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::operator= ( const Reporting )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

Reporting& SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::operator= ( Reporting &&  )

Member Data Documentation

◆ cpu

Item_CPU* SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::cpu

Definition at line 937 of file MetricsReporting.h.

◆ mem

Item_Mem* SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::mem

Definition at line 938 of file MetricsReporting.h.

◆ system

SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::System SWC::Common::Query::Update::Metric::Reporting::system

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